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Two students are holding new language books.
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Two students are drawing tracks for their Ozobot robots to follow
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Three students are in the Ridgecrest Library and are looking at a book called "Roller Coasters."

Welcome Message

RC Welcome to the Library
In the RIdgecrest Library, four students are holding up four books purchased with a Shoreline Foundation grant.

Welcome to the Ridgecrest Library!  Our library supports our students, staff, families, and the community by:

  • evaluating, selecting and purchasing appropriate resources
  • encouraging joy in reading
  • teaching and reinforcing research and technology skills
  • promoting discovery through lifelong learning

Freedom to Read Philosophy for Students

Reading is a fun and important part of life and school.  Everyone should have the chance to read and enjoy books that they want to read. But not every book is right for every person. If you find a book that you don't like or that makes you uncomfortable, it's okay to return it and find a different one. You know which books make you happy, so choose wisely and pick the ones that are best for you.

"Access to books shouldn't be a gift; it should be a given." - Doug Salati, 2023 Caldecott Award Winner

About Your Librarian

RC About Your Librarian

Ms. Freeman encourages students to love books, libraries, and technology. Reading is a lifelong skill: reading for enjoyment, following directions, playing video games, or finding a YouTube video.  "Reading is not optional," said author Walter Dean Myers.

Ms. Freeman has taught at Ridgecrest since 2002.  Previously she taught 5th and 6th grade, and English in Sendai, Japan.  She is a proud graduate of Lake Forest Park, Kellogg and Shorecrest. She loves to read, travel, and try every type of crafting and art.


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Joanna Freeman